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MCO Tool

Okazaki produces large variety of MCO
(Highspeed Cobalt) cutting tools that provides
excellent heat and abrasion resistance to work pieces.
With continue improvement in our MCO technology,
we look to deliver the best product to our customers.

Carbide Tools

Okazaki provides high quality carbide tools
for a modest price.

Our made in Japan Carbide tool range will
satisfy your need.
MCO and Carbide Reamer

  • Okazaki Carbide and MCO reamers are used for hole finishing of
    work piece. Carbide tools are suitable for hard materials while
    MCO reamers can be used for cast iron and steel.
  • Various types and sizes of reamers are available
    please contact our company
  • We have stock until size 50mm!!!
  • MCO and carbide chucking reamer also available
MCO and Carbide Saw

  • Okazaki produces various types of saw,
    including Carbide slitting saw, 
    screw slotting cutter, HSS-CO metal slitting saw,
    side milling cutters, staggered cutters and angle milling cutters
  • Okazaki also can also produce according to your drawing
Carbide Endmill
  • Okazaki manufactures high quality carbide endmill with modest price. 
    All endmills are made in japan and coated in Okazaki
  • If you want to reduce your Endmill cost but still maintain quality
    please contact us

Carbide Drill/ Flat Drill
  •  Okazaki produces various lengths of coated carbide drill, 
    we ensure our made in Japan quality
  • Okazaki Solid Flat Carbide drill is a addition to Okazaki family.
    With flat drill it is possible to do various types of cutting
    compare to conventional drilling produces
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