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DSV/DST series



• Ideal for hand-held use due to the hand fitting design and the lightweight
• Easy data management and OK judgement
• In capacity up to 1000N, handling a wide range of force testing


DST Series 
has excellent cost-performance.

You can use it for both tension and compression.
You can switch 
real-time measurement and
peak-hold measurement.
It equips 
OK judgement or reversible
indication functions for greater 


DSV Series
improves reproducibility in hand-held use.

DSV is an advanced model equipped
with tilt-sensing function, 
Internal memory (1000) function, and more.

IMADA Coefficient of Friction (COF) Tester
The tester helps easy and accurate coefficient of friction (COF) tests for paper, film etc. Especially, the test for film is accordance with a part of JIS K7125(1999).
Analysis is more efficient as the test results can be drawn into a graph and be calculated coefficient automatically with an including software.

For an Accurate and Easy Measurement : Horizontal Motorized Model

Force is displayed on a monitor of a force gauge by pulling a fixture on
setting speed constantly.  
An including software is graphing the results and calculating COF
automatically at the same time on PC.

Configuration of Horizontal Motorized Model

  • Standard Model Digital Force Gauge : ZTS Series
  • Horizontal Motorized Test Stand : MH2-500N
  • A Fixture for Coefficient of Friction Test : COF2-10N(2N)
  • Test Stand Option Cable : CB-518

For a Limited Space : Vertical Motorized Model

This model is possible to measure as easily as
Horizontal Motorized Model on a limited space.

Configuration of Vertical Motorized Model
Standard Model Digital Force Gauge : ZTS Series
Vertical Motorized Test Stand : MX2-500N
A Fixture for Coefficient of Friction : COF-10N-V (2N-V)
Test Stand Option Cable : CB-518


Main Samples
- Wrapping Materials like paper and film  - Touch Panel
- Materials for grips  - Building materials like a tile and flooring|  - etc.

IMADA Durability Test System

The system can perform durability test for packages and boxes for food
and drink (a retort pouch), medical supplies (an IV bag) and cardboard.
Especially, the test for a heat-sealing soft packing bag like a retort pouch
is possible to be measured in accordance with a part of JIS Z0238.
The system can be set pressing force and time by digital.


Configuration of Durability Test System

  • Standard Model Digital Force Gauge : ZTS Series
  • Vertical Motorized Test Stand: MX2-2500N
  • Press Test Fixture PR-2500N
  • Test Stand Option Cable:Cable:CB-518
IMADA Film Sticking Test System
Testing system for sticking strength of thin samples such as packaging film for food and many others. 

Tested object examples

  • Packaging film for food
  • Film lid of cup container
  • Bonded textile
  • Separator inside lithium battery
  • Force gauge : ZTS series
  • Motorized test stand : MX2 series
  • Film sticking test fixture : TKS series
  • Connection cable : CB-518

Accurate peak capture

This testing system uses its high sampling rate (2000Hz) to
capture peak values precisely.

According to JIS Z 1707
This fixture is in accordance with a partial section of JIS Z1707:1997
“General rules of plastic films for food packaging”


User friendly / Good price
Easy to use. High measurement efficiency.

1. Cut your sample according
to testing appropriate size
2. Place the test specimen on the fixture.
3. Tighten fixture with screws
4. Press the down button to move
the force gauge down.
5. The load value at the moment when
the film was stuck through is indicated.
6. Included software acquires data
via USB connection cable
IMADA Management of film durability/ adhesive/ frictional force

These are examples of film force measurement. Films can be used in many industries. 
Our products help to measure the many types of force such as durability, adhesion, peeling and so on. They are efficient for QC and R&D fields.


Management of film peeling force for packing
(Heat seal strength test)

Measuring the peeling force for varieties of packing for
snacks and foods,
our products digitize the adhesive force. 
They are useful for QC field to set the required standard value.


  • Force gauge: ZTS series
  • Motorized test stand: MX2-500N
  • Film chuck: FC series (2 pieces)
  • Stand option cable: CB-518
  • Graphing software: Force
    Recorder Standard

It is partly accordance with JIS Z0238(1998)
“Testing methods for heat sealed flexible packages”

Quality Control is Possible for Variety of Samples.

The analysis of coefficient of friction (COF)

The coefficients are calculated
automatically on the software

Digitizing coefficient of friction for packing materials. 
It helps to analyze the touching and the slipping condition of the materials. 
(Partly accordance with JIS K7125(1999))

The required fixture: COF series.
The sticking strength test
The test is measuring the strength
of packing
 materials such as paper,
film and so on by
sticking a pin.
Our products help accurate tests
due to catch the peak force.
(It is partly accordance with JIS Z1707 (1998))

The required fixture: TKS series
The tension strength test
Tensioning packing materials and digitizing
the strength of the breaking.

The required fixture FC series, GC-60/100 etc.
The management of film sending speed
The film sending speed for packing materials can be
managed by measuring the tension on the equipment.

*The required force gauge : Tension meter
IMADA Managing Compression strength / Durability for various packing containers
IMADA helps various tests of packing strength and durability for retort pouches, plastic bags, bottoms (tops) of cardboard boxes, PET bottle buckling,
plastic containers buckling and so on. Our products meet multiple measuring needs not only for handy and simple tests but also for stable and accurate tests.

Durability strength for retort pouches and bags

These products measure durability strength for retort pouches,
various packing bags and boxes.

In spite of no PC, the measurement setting is easy such as
“loading more than 400N (Approx. 40kgf) for 60 seconds”

JIS Z0238 (1998)
Partly in accordance with “Testing methods for heat sealed flexible packages”


  • Digital force gauge : ZTS series
  • Vertical motorized test stand : MX2-2500N
  • Press test fixture : PR-2500N
  • Test stand option cable : CB-518
Cardboard breaking strength testBags compression durability test
Durability for cardboard - PET bottle buckling strength

Durability of hot melt adhesive

Testing durability / unsealing quality by measuring
peeling force of hot melt adhesive on tops or
bottoms of bonding cardboard boxes.

Required fixture >  DF-60


Bending strength test

Testing bending strength by measuring at cardboard bending force.

Required fixture> GA-10N


PET bottle buckling strength

Measuring crushed force of PET bottle
(buckling force) by loading compress direction force.

Required fixture>  PC series

IMADA Peel testing systems
Ideal for peel test of adhesive tape, heat seal films, etc…

Enabling an easy and accurate peel (adhesion)
test at an affordable price

High frequency data capture at 2000 Hz, which assures an extremely
accurate chart for peel strength analysis.


Configuration " 90 degree peel test "

  • Force gauge:ZTS series (from 2N to 500N)
  • Motorized test stand:MX2-500N-L (Recommended)
  • Cable:CB-518
  • Graphic software:Force Recorder Standard
  • 90 degree peel testing fixture:P90-200N
  • Film grip:FC series





  90 degree peel test for adhesive tape


Adhesive tape 180 degree peel test

・FC series
It keeps peeling angle at 180 degree.


Heat sealing 180 degree peel test

・FC series
(2 pieces are used.)
Heat sealing part is pulled at 180 degree.


Plastic foil lid from a cup container
45 degree peel test

You can start peeling at 45 degree,
nearly real conditions of opening it.

QFP Lead/Chip components solder joint shear strength test Units

Measure peeling strength for QFP lead fixed on a circuit board or for chip component solder.
It is possible to measure the test which is accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 3198-6/-7(2003),
various size circuit boards can be tilt up 45 degree or 90 degree angle.
Accurate measurements are realized with X-Y table helping fine position adjustment right, left, backward and forward.

JIS Z 3198-6 Test methods for lead-free solders - Part 6:
Method for 45 pull test of solder joints on QFP lead

Measure QFP lead soldier joint strength. Fix a circuit board at 45 degree.
at 10mm per minute speed or less, vertically pull up the hook
which catches a QFP lead.
Data management on PC is easy due to
holding peak values on the force gauge.

Position a circuit board


Screw holes for grips are punched to
hold various size circuit boards.

Position fine adjustment

Apply force for small parts properly,
fine adjustment is possible to be back
and forward, right and left on XY stage.


  1. Digital force gauge: ZTS series
  2. Vertical motorized test stand:MX2-500N-L-V90
  3. Fixture combination for shear test: LF
  4. Stand option cable :CB-518
* No.3 can be sold the each part of combination.
Fixed angle 45 degree fixtures for circuit board

P45-100N Fixed angle 90 degree fixtures for circuit board →TIP90-100N


 .JIS Z 3198-7 Test methods for lead-free solders
 -Part 7 : Method for shear strength of solder joints on chip components

Fix a circuit board at 90 degree and measure force of scraping 
off a chip component at between 5 and 30 mm per minute.
The tip R 0.5 fulfills the measurement in accordance with JIS standard.

IMADA Surface Coating (Plating) Peeling Strength Test Unit
It is possible to measure coating surfaces or vanish adhesive strength in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard JIS K 5600-5-7(2014)
Testing methods for paints-Part 5: Mechanical property of film-Section 7: Adhesion test (Pull-off method).
The high follow-up performance force gauge does not miss the moment peeled the coating off.

Realize coating strength measurement easily and accurately

Momentary force (adhesive or sticking force) of peeling off coating surfaces
can be measured by pulling up a peeling head bonding on
(coating surface) with a force gauge. The high speed data
(2000data/sec) of the force gauge captures instant peak
value precisely.

Image of peeling off a peeling
head from a sample
Data capturing software (ZT-Logger)
Install an included software in ZT series to PC and it is possible to save peeling force, measurement date, OK/NG judgment results and so on. 


  1. Digital force gauge: ZTS series
  2. Vertical motorized test stand : MX2-2500N
  3. Coating surface peeling test attachment : TH series
  4. Stand Option Cable: CB-518
How to measure

1. Prepare a sample

Put a peeling head on glue painted
sample and wait for specified time.


2. Put and hold the sample on the test stand

Put and hold the sample on the test stand.


3. Apply the sample to the force gauge

Apply the peeling head to the force gauge with a pin.


4. Activate the test stand

Manipulate the test stand, pull the peeling head up and peel the coating surface.

IMADA Torque-Angle measurement unit TAA series
It realizes easy analyses of torque (rotating force) and angle relationships.
The remarkable points are the high repeatability by 2000 data/sec sampling rate and the user friendly operation system.
The unit enables to measure operating torque and angles of two-wheeler accelerators, twisting characteristic such as circuit boards non-woven fabrics etc.
What is the sample for torque-angle measurement?
Sliding friction of two wheeler
camera lenses etc.

It is suitable for samples loaded
rotating force.
Characteristics of circuit boards,
non-woven fabrics etc.

For analyses the material strength
or feeling touch at twisting.


High repeatability
The 2000 Hz sampling rate
captures the torque properly.

High repeatable and trustful
measurements are possible. 

Test for various samples

We prepare the various shape and material jigs needed sample fixations.

Upper side
Upper side

Appropriate proposals for test conditions

Test with portability

Equip displacement
scale on a handy type
torque gauge.
It realizes measurements
under no PC circumstance.
Rotating force of
Operating force of rotary
switches on dash boards

Stable test with simplified operation
Using manual test stand realizes
simplified operation and repeatability

IMADA Wire Crimp Testing System
IMADA provides force measurements of wires, cables and electric cords such as wire crimp strength test, cable tensile strength test, wire coating breaking strength test and others.

Automatic type (up to 1000N): Easy, Labor-saving and
Accurate Measurement

One button realizes from testing to data saving.

Easy mode selection “BREAK” and “KEEP”.

Speedy settings by registering test conditions.
The stored patterns are up to 26 conditions.

Easy managements of captured data and test
conditions by the included software.

The test condition is able to be stored with the result.
The statistics (Max., Min., Ave. etc.) can be seen for each sample on PC.


Testing Flow from Sample Setting to Data Saving

Set the sample
Press START button
From testing to data saving
is automatically carried out  

Manual type (up to 500N): Speedy and Simple Measurement

Lever type: High measurement efficiency

Horizontal type: Easy specimen setting

Peak values are stored into the gauge

Stored data can be transferred to PC collectively.  Date and time are also automatically stored. 
It saves testing time and works. (When using ZT series.)

1.  ZTS series 
2.  LH-500N (Including attachments)

High Capacity type (up to 2500N): for Robust Wire Measurement


(1) ZTS series 

(2) MX2-2500N 

(3) CH-5000N 

(4) CW-5000N 

(5) CB-518
Terminal part: CH-5000N

Avoid sample slipping by fixing
a terminal with a screw and a bolt.
Wire part: CW-5000N

Strongly clamp wire/cable
 up to 30mm diameter.
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